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Inspiration focuses on technology based companies that need proof of concept capital. In addition to funding, Inspiration offers an entrepreneur to entrepreneur approach that provides operational guidance for young companies.

This includes help and/or advice with establishing first customers or users, building the management team, creating a robust financial plan, establishing a market strategy and providing introductions to follow-on investors when the company is ready. Seed investments, which average $400K, are designed to get start-ups through the first 6 to 9 months with predefined goals and metrics.

In order to address current market demand, Inspiration takes a unique approach to seed investing that benefits all parties involved:

For founders / entrepreneurs:

  • Entrepreneur to entrepreneur guidance leverages past experience and enhances traditional VC funding success
  • A seed investment allows the time and market feedback necessary to help make intelligent decisions on whether or not to bet the company on the traditional VC funding scenario

For limited partners / investors in the fund:

  • Early cash returns result in lower risk
  • Lower seed prices + higher VC funding prices = higher investment returns

For traditional venture capitalists:

  • Helps to increase deal flow to meet larger fund requirements

Because we know what its like to be in your shoes, Inspiration prides itself in providing honest, straightforward feedback on business plans, management teams and market strategies. Our decision on making an investment is primarily based on two criteria: 1) the integrity, flexibility, experience and spirit of the founding management team and 2) the size of the market being addressed.

If your company fits this profile and you are passionate, committed, and have a clear vision and drive to succeed, we want to hear from you. Please see our contact page for more information.

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